Where do we get our gears?

We buy our gears from an American owned company located in Wisconsin. Last year we had the opportunity to take a tour of the factory and see the 1.2 million dollar gear cutting machine in action. The technicians running the machines were happy to talk to us about their jobs. We spend about $50,000 annually just on gear sets with this company.

Gears are not as simple as they appear to be. The 1st step to creating a quality gear set is the alloy of the metal that goes into them. The 2nd part of a gear set is the precise cut of the helical gears. The 3rd critical part is the heat treating process. We have found that gear sets that were sourced overseas do not have a reliable consistency in the quality. Therefore we choose American made gears that have remained consistent in quality over the 20 years we have been using them.

What if I find metal in the oil?

How bad is metal in the lower unit fluid or oil?

The answer is in the size of the metal. If it is fine like hair it’s probably somewhat normal and is could be coming from shifting the lower unit. When you find pieces of metal larger than a broke pencil tip, then it’s time to tear it down and figure out what is wrong. This should be done before a catastrophic failure occurs.

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